This is a picture of me with our oldest daughter, Kée❤️It was 2008,
she was born premature.

And actually this was the start of my spiritual journey .
Let me take you back 💫💫
I was pregnant and although I was
really enjoying my pregnancy and even feeling on top of the world, I was also afraid to miss out on things and I wanted to keep up my own
image of being a power-woman so..
I kept working my ass off.

And then, 11 weeks before I was due, 11 weeks too early…
delivery started!

After 54 hours in a delivery room our little girl was born with a Caesarean.

When I woke up from anesthesia
my husband Ron, took me to her.

Our little girl was in an incubator. She was laying in there, the first time I saw her.
And the first thing I saw, were her big beautiful eyes. They were wide open!

And I looked into her beautiful eyes and I instantly knew.. there is more.She’s not a blank page, a newborn, but she’s a very old and wise SOUL💎.

What I also knew or learned in that period is to see things from another perspective.

What is important in life..?

Well, I can tell you, back then, nothing was more important
than this tiny little girl!

And I am so incredibly happy and thankful that she turned out to be a lovely baby, a funny toddler and now she is a beautiful teenager💖.

Unfortunately, I am quite unteachable so I needed a couple of other markers as well.

My dad passing away had a huge impact
and still, I was working my ass off.

Until a burn out in 2015.
I totally crashed.

My body said “STOP”. I couldn’t do anything anymore, I could only cry.

Well, then, I realized…really, what is life about?
It’s not only about working and doing good, doing even better and doing perfect.

It’s about connecting, 💞to ourselves, 💞to each other, taking care of ourselves and each other.
it’s about learning how to cope with the difficult parts of life and it’s about enjoying life!

And deep, deep down, I always knew what I am here for and what’s good for me, but only back then I really realized and started to live my purpose.

And you know what..?

My purpose
is to guide people
to find their purpose in life!

And to fully connect,
cope with the difficult parts of life
and enjoy the good parts of life.

To the max!